• Profile
    Total area of: 52,699 square meters Tongxia Town, Dongguan Guangdong, Mainland China Built in 1990 .
  • Staff Details
    Production Staff - 3,000 to 3,500
  • Site Advantages / Description
    Our factory is conveniently located in an industrial area, and is accessible by train or by airplane.
  • Materials / Components
    We have 100 sets of molding machines, 40 sets of crimping machines, 60 sets of soldering machines and 20 sets of wire cutting machines.
  • Machinery / Production Process
    Our well-trained staff work efficiently in every assembly line. The production area covers 4000 square meters of the facility, giving our staff ample space for producing large quantities.
  • Other Safety Approvals
    ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    TS 16949
    GP (Sony Green Partner)
  • Other Information Text
    This huge facility has 3 dormitory and a 7,200 square meter warehouse, which makes production of large volumes faster and easier.

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